Company overview

MHS is a leading, global provider of material handling automation and software for the distribution and fulfillment, parcel, e-commerce and manufacturing industries. Our turnkey automated systems support a variety of material handling processes such as conveying, sortation, singulation, order fulfillment and identification, and are backed by complete, responsive service, support and parts.

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, our global company has 20 offices and over 2,500 employees across North America, Europe and Asia.

MHS provides a range of solutions to our customers across the following industries all over the world:

  • Parcel – Provides a range of automated systems to leading courier, express and parcel companies.
  • Distribution & Fulfillment (D&F) – Provides a range of warehouse automation solutions to companies in industries such as e-commerce, retail and food distribution.
  • Lifecycle Performance Services (LPS) – Guides operations through system maintenance, optimization, support and modernization.

Our pillars

MHS has gathered subject matter experts within each aspect of the materials handling industry and invested in the talent, technology, and tools to enable each specific area to thrive and maximize productivity with unsurpassed service to our customers.


Material Handling Systems is the industry leader in material handling and equipment solutions. At MHS, quality is not just one aspect of the end product, it is at the core of the culture of the company. We have an in-house staff dedicated entirely to offering new or custom solutions to fit your needs.

MHS equipment is designed and manufactured for the most severe unit handling applications. Our heavy-duty designs are at the heart of the most reliable systems in the industry. Our service team is available to support your operation from initial concept, through to application, and beyond.

By combining the best in engineering, equipment solutions, and service, MHS provides the very best in manufacturing capabilities to meet the requirements of each customer.


Our dedicated parcel team brings extensive industry experience and expertise for projects of all sizes and throughput requirements. From smaller regional service providers to global logistics corporations, we provide customized, automated systems with the equipment, software, and workflows to meet the unique requirements of each site.

MHS solutions keep polybags, corrugated boxes, soft pack mailers, and more moving efficiently and reliably through sorters, scales, and scanners. Our innovative designs deliver the high productivity needed to meet customer demands, with ongoing Lifecycle Performance Services to maximize system longevity and performance during critical peaks.

Software + controls

From Warehouse Execution systems to Warehouse Control Systems to integrated PLC controls systems, MHS Global can implement the necessary software and control systems into your solution. With rich graphics and user-friendly interfaces, MHS will design the software and control system around your business needs. While working with us, you not only get the flexibility of working with our trusted programmers, but you also get to take advantage of our innovative products: ADA™, a modular hardware architecture, ASCADA™, the unbreakable, modular warehouse control system, and ZOE®, our beautiful, zoomable HMI.

At MHS, we pride ourselves on our ability to customize products and systems, so if the solution you need doesn’t exist, let us know, and we will create it for you.

Research + Development

Research + Development is on the leading edge of innovation in the Material Handling Industry. MHS has invested in this area of our business in order to continue to be a leader in innovation and technology.

We have collectively over 300 years of experience across a range of applications and industries.

Distribution + Fulfillment

Our Distribution + Fulfillment team has over 20 years of experience, working with large and small companies to find the best solutions for each need. We are working on creating solutions to prevent dead weight and inefficiency. Currently, our team is working on improving the pick-to-light systems to create better hand-helds and dynamic work areas.

Lifecycle Performance Services

Lifecycle performance services (LPS) delivers quality lifecycle planning and support to the Material Handling Industry by creating a scalable organization focused on Safety, Quality, Employee Development, and the overall Customer Experience.

We are dedicated to creating cross-network upgrade/modification/expansion programs where we can leverage replicated efforts using limited engineering resources and networked partners

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